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Poetul zilei
Vasile Demetrius
(1878 - 1942)

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Cantec vechi
de Stefan Octavian Iosif

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I lay terrified sick and intubated in total silence
Decimated by Coronavirus as hepatitis in school age
I worship God I don t know how long listen a bit
I see myself in a dream dying and resurrecting from the pit
Good Lord I was a poor diaspora what I mistake
To be a victim in Emilia Romagna without meditating
I step like a pig in plane like a bourgeoisie no praying
To land at Otopeni very sick without stress and hate
That I will sick a whole country Romania too late
I am going to kill innocent people my anger burst
Where did I know that I was killing my family first
Seeing all of them dead lay in the dead house just
Where I am stretched cut yellow and embalmed
Although this morning I was still breathing intubated
I was a sweaty lake I looked like a mad dog
On the hands and face of a week not washed
I saw my wife dying before my children crushed
I told myself how stupid you could be and wrong
To leave the house empty and without owners to the toys
Bring the death to my wife and those funeral things
You took me to heaven in terrible airless torments
But my God I have one more thing to ask of you smashed
Get my money I earned ten years until I m unemployed
Get my remaining homes full furnished eternal frosted
And make top modern equipped hospitals God
Vaccines and faculties research units
Find a good cure for all human diseases
Not to die all of a sudden falling backward
I have been working for ten years so hard
I only ate the misery I had not even soap good
To see my family and children well I understood
With longing and their image in mind I only tell you
The dust of everyone and everything bought was chosen
I knew at the start that I could even bring death proven
But I risked everything I got more expensive out of all
Broken clay pots remained last night overall
At least you were taking me to heaven only me
I still cry so dead I feel tears and hear turbines
We had holiday tickets for the islands Maldive
On them are still killing viruses like sick balls
They have dozens of raised suckers coming into you
Nourished with tissues from my throat and lungs
It decimates you without pain even if you don t want to
They suck you from life and put you on skates to death
In vain you expect the miraculous vaccine beautifully
My generation missed him and dies meticulously
Ready with what we learn in school in another match
That any disease and microbe or virus can be cured
Here you do not say that can live with a tooth removed
And even without denture you eat the steak with splash
But you are in the hand of lady in black dress
I wonder why coz I just wasn t a poor man
I was watching the neighbours in the plane
In flight back Romania to all the passengers
All told of Coronavirus some wore masks
I am a filthy man walking with serious donkeys
Quarantine running away and other lies
I come from the land where the gangs die
I also saw ads in newspapers and on TV
I told myself desperate what if I die I die
Nobody knows about me living a horror movie
And some even give me advices how I laugh
It was just not to stay in the quarantine Boot
Where there were thousands of new cases on a light day
Were posthumous statistics at hundreds of deaths a day
In the malls you went to a meter you will not believe
All shelves remained empty at ESP daily
I have to get out of here I must be wary
I hear that in communes there is no one to bury
The Coronavirus dead who stay very far away
They have to stay in the house with the dead bodies
Until police or armed forces come to their addresses
For nothing in the elections I voted mockeries
I have denigrated all things and people in RO
I was feeling big at my age I was full of Euro
And my home country was full of garbage
I voted for a better future not like you
All the old men and old women smelling of garlics
I humiliated the country in face of millions foreigners
It wasn t like we were all from a Christian family true
I told them at home there were left only old bitches
Social assisted corrupted thieves and the red plagues
They plundered the whole country as theirs
They sold petroleum gases forests and vines
Three months with this deadly Coronavirus
I had a revelation they opened magic portals
When I realized in life for the first times
I never had or payed health insurances
I had teeth in my mouth like millstones
Plagued with diseases and lungs like tars
Told myself this summer I run a month in Romania
Here would cost me a fortune to make my baldness
I m going to those stupid guys who stayed homes
Let them to do me good health and nobody cares
That we did not pay insurances taxes in RO
But at elections I always play them in note Do
That have underfunded medical system guilty
That doctors are absent or corrupted or shitty
Wooow what a bitch I have been in my life
Now I can say the story is over and write
An angry incompetent guy wrongheaded totally
I always wanted be good together with my family
Although at whores honestly nobody cares
I was able to give them thousands of Euros
To other hookers with towels and bottles
Instead of sending Euro home to Dorohoi
For you to have all and for both children
Forgive me my wife now you are gone
I was a hateful killer forgive what I done
Forgive me children I miss you dearest
But look at me now my sun has also set
Slain by the pandemic Coronavirus


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